The Sheepspot Studio


Private spinning lessons

GET STARTED SPINNING ON A WHEEL, with sheepspot owner sasha torres

This carefully-crafted series of one-on-one lessons will give you a firm grasp of the fundamentals, get you started making your own yarns, and ensure you have the confidence you’ll need to spin on your own.

Three private lessons, two hours each, scheduled at our mutual convenience. At the Sheepspot studio, using my wheels or yours. $259 CAD including materials.

Lesson 1

  • Get acquainted with the wheel
  • Get started drafting
  • Start making your first yarn
  • Learn to control twist and diameter

Lesson 2

  • Refine your drafting
  • Learn how to fix mistakes
  • Get more control
  • Learn techniques that will allow you to maintain consistent twist and diameter

Lesson 3

  • Further refine your drafting
  • Learn how to ply your yarn
  • Get comfortable washing and finishing your yarn

continue your spinning education with sasha

Once you’ve learned and mastered the basics in your beginning spinning lessons, deepen you knowledge and expand your skills in these advanced private classes.

Woolen and worsted

Learn about the two broad categories of spinning—woolen and worsted—the differences between them, and the techniques you can use to spin just the yarn you want. Two hours. $99 CAD including materials.

Advanced drafting techniques

You can dramatically increase your yarn- making options by mastering different drafting techniques. We’ll cover short forward draw, short backwards draw, spinning from the fold, and supported long draw. Two hours. $99 CAD including materials.

From raw fleece to perfect yarn

Learn to take dirty, greasy fleece just off the sheep and make it into beautiful yarn. In this class you’ll learn how to wash raw fleece and prepare it for spinning. We’ll cover flicking, combing, and carding wool, and you’ll have the opportunity to try out a variety of tools. Three hours. $139 CAD including materials.

Spinning color

Explore different ways of managing color in dyed fiber for dramatically different effects. Learn chain-plying, fractal spinning, and other techniques that let you control the colorway! Two hours. $99 CAD including materials.

Design your own advanced class

What do you want to learn? Sasha can design a class just for you. Get in touch and we'll work it out!